About us

Generation T (short for Generation Transition) is an initiative by Act4Change and The Shift. Together, we want to build a strong network of young people who strive for a more sustainable world.

About Generation T

Generation T is a Belgian, young, inspiring, dynamic and informal network of young frontrunners both from the corporate sector and civil society. Through this network, young people (age 18-35) who work for a more sustainable society get the opportunity to expand their network, cooperate with a broad range of people and organisations and increase the impact of their own sustainability initiatives.

The network was founded in 2015 by youth organisation Act4Change and sustainability network The Shift.

Selection process

Since 2018, we've accepted applications on a running basis.

Membership conditions

Candidates should:

  • Be no younger than 18 and no older than 35 years old at the time of submitting their application.
  • Live in Belgium or have a clear connection to Belgium.
  • Be actively engaged in working for sustainable development and a more sustainable society. 

All applications are assessed according to 3 criteria that measure a candidate's "potential for change":

  • Impact: do the candidate's activities have an impact on the push to make society more sustainable? Are the activities scalable?
  • Innovation: is an existing problem tackled through a new approach and/or innovative thinking?
  • Inspiration: does the candidate inspire others to promote change?

The final selection is made by the steering committee. We continuously strive for greater diversity (language, age, gender, profile, background, focus area, experience) in our network.


We are looking for the next generation's frontrunners. Engaged young people who are ready to be ambassadors for a generation that doesn't shy away from criticism, but who are willing to enter into dialogue with others.

If you are selected, we expect you to actively participate in the network and be open to joining initiatives and projects that are organised. All members of Generation T should have the intention of contributing to achieving the network's mission.

Pre-2018 process

During the initiative's first years, we published the call for applications annually.  

First, an internal Generation T team would read through all applications once to match them against the stipulated membership conditions. Next, new profiles would be submitted to a committee for approval. The committee consisted of both individuals with years of experience as well as inspiring young talent.

Read more here about the pre-2018 selection process.

Steering Committee

The steering committee of Generation T is composed as follows:

  • 2 members from the team of The Shift
  • 2 members from the team of Act4Change
  • 5 to 6 members of Generation T

Within the members of the steering committee, a spread between FR-NL, private, government, civil society, academia and gender is taken into account.
2 members of the steering committee represent Generation T on the boards of directors of The Shift and Act4Change.

The members of the Steering Committee:

  • meet every two months
  • have a mandate of 2 years
  • make decisions based on consensus


The current steering committee consists of the following members:

Anne-Sophie Dubrux - Generation T
Clément Magos - Generation T
Elina Bennesten - Generation T
Olivier Chaput - Generation T, 
represents Generation T on the board of directors of The Shift
Alien De Deken - Generation T, 
represents Generation T on the board of directors of The Shift
Olivia de Bie - Generation T
- Dieter De Doncker - Act4Change
- Catherine Naveau - The Shift

The Shift

The Shift is the Belgian sustainability network. To achieve the transition to a more sustainable society and economy, we promote intensive partnerships between 'unusual suspects': private individuals, organisations, companies, governmental agencies, academic experts, … In short, everyone who wants to build a more sustainable world. With the Generation T initiative, The Shift wants to expose its members to the clear-eyed, critical gaze of the next generation, as well as encourage Gen T'ers themselves to take further action.


Act4Change works for a more sustainable society by supporting the efforts of young advocates for sustainable development. We do so by offering young people opportunities to network, learn and grow; supporting their innovative initiatives; and stimulating cooperation between young people and relevant organisations. Generation T now combines all these elements into a challenging new concept.


Besides Act4Change and The Shift, our partners also contribute to offer young people increased opportunities and support. Generation T is an open network: we strive for the members to cooperate as closely as possible with our partner organisations, so young people can receive coaching, their work is put in the spotlight and their projects are given that extra push to succeed.

Partner up!

Would you like to join our partners and share your expertise or ideas to further empower Generation T? Let us know if you would like to partner up and contact Catherine Naveau via catherine.naveau@theshift.be. 

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Catherine Naveau

Generation T Coordinator

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