B Corp movement & Large Enterprises: How to leverage B Corp for growth? How to become a force for good?

Join this very rich session to discover what is in it for you to join the B Corp movement as a Large Enterprise?

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This session will give an overview of the process of becoming a B Corp for Large Enterprises, the challenges and advantages.

On the agenda:

Sarah Garcia Multinational Company Project Manager at B Lab Europe will give an introduction on the role of Large Enterprises in the B Corp movement, the requirements, the process and the support that Large Enterprises can receive.

Next, you will hear inspiring testimonials of two Large Enterprises that are B Corp certified. These companies will give concrete feedback on their respective journeys: Challenges, benefits and key learnings.

Before the Q&A session, Ann Verbeke, PhD researcher at UCLouvain on the topic, will outline her academic point of view. She will give an overview of the academic literature on B Corp: Profile of B Corps; Motivations to become B Corp; Certification process.

For whom?

All organisation interested in the topic.

Why participate?

Are you a Large Enterprise that wants to use business as a force for good? Or are you simply interested in the B Corp movement? Then be sure to take part in this event to learn more about this topic !


The role of Large Enterprises in the B Corp movement

Sarah Garcia, B Lab Europe

Testimonial Danone

Sonia Bonus, Danone


Thomas Canon, IBA

Academic view on B Corp

Ann Verbeke, UCLouvain


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Eglantine Eeckhout; Jente Fillet

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