Change Lab Foodwaste

During this Change Lab we want to boost projects and organisations that fight against food waste. Would you like to work with a variety of players from the food sector to reduce wastage in the food chain?

BTC, Brussels


A growing number of people all over the world are trying to combat food waste. Did you know, for example, that the Danish supermarket chain WeFood sells only surplus food? Director Thomas Mølgaard Andersen will open our workshop with an inspiring keynote speech.

After that 5 Belgian food waste fighters will present their initiatives. First they will tell us about their ambitious goals, what they are already doing to achieve them and the obstacles they encounter. Afterwards we will invite all the participants to examine how we can get rid of common obstacles and get these projects growing.

Do you and your organisation want to help combat food waste? Then register for this workshop using the form below or contact Ineke Hulselmans.

This workshop on food waste is organised together with FoodWIN. It’s part of our Partnership Symphony, where we will look at how existing partnerships can be broadened in the fields of food waste, employment and energy efficiency.

Practical information


BTC, Hoogstraat 139 Rue Haute - 1000 Brussels