Webinar: an in-depth overview of Science Based Targets

This first thematic event, under the umbrella of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action, gives you a thorough overview of the Science Based Targets instruments and places it within a broader framework of the Paris Agreement.


The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action is a community of organisations committed to ambitious climate goals. BACA bases itself on the Science Based Targets Initiative. Both organisations that have already formulated Science Based Targets or those that intend to do so unite in this alliance. By means of workshops, peer-learning, expert presentations and inspiration sessions, we want to guide organisations and also encourage other organisations to set ambitious climate targets.

You will get a general overview of what a complete Science Based Targets trajectory looks like and you will also have the opportunity to ask extensive questions, based on the specific context of your own organisation.

For whom?

All organisations (companies, non-profit and academic institutions).

Why participate?

Are climate goals on the agenda of your organisation but you don’t know how to take concrete action? Or do you still need to convince your management that climate change is a challenge for your organisation and should be on the agenda? Then be sure to take part in this event!


The agenda is as follows:

  • Introduction on the broader context of climate change and in particular the situation in Belgium, by Peter Wittoeck.
  • Detailed explanation of the Science Based Targets instrument by Alexander Farsan: what are Science Based Targets based on, how do you work with them, what steps do you have to follow to get your own Science Based Targets validated, ...
  • Comprehensive Q&A session to enable you to correctly understand the climate context or see how Science Based Targets can help your organisation to be ready for a carbon-neutral future. This Q&A session will take place in subgroups so that we can bring together organisations with similar challenges. 



By Peter Wittoeck (Head Climate Change section at the Federal Public Health Service)

Detailed explanation Science Based Targets

By Alexander Farsan (Global Lead - Science Based Targets at WWF)

Q&A session in separate subgroups


With the support of:

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Bart Corijn

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