COVID-19: how can this crisis make us stronger?

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COVID-19: how can this crisis make us stronger?

Our planet is sounding the alarm

The COVID-19 virus enters the scene. In no time, we find ourselves in the midst of a global crisis. What many at first believed to be just an ordinary flu virus turns out to be something much more serious than we could ever have imagined. The World Health Organisation soon declares it a pandemic. Our daily lives are turned upside town. We are facing an unprecedented situation, with stringent measures being taken. That this is a particularly difficult period for everyone is beyond dispute. But today’s crisis is also an opportunity to question the way our society has been functioning. This is a unique opportunity, and we need to seize it. Otherwise, our suffering today could all be for nothing.

Sustainable future

The human cost of the pandemic is high and it has far-reaching consequences, not just on our health but also on many other areas of our lives. To defeat this intruder and bring this biological war to an end, we have no choice but to stay home and focus on the collective interest rather than ourselves. The result? Over the past week, we’ve witnessed countless acts of solidarity and humanity. Those who normally work unseen as nurses, farmers, teachers, truck drivers and supermarket employees suddenly get recognition for their efforts. And those are just two examples. But they show the crisis can teach us valuable lessons. More than ever, sustainability projects are proving their worth, as the current situation allows us to re-evaluate our pre-crisis lifestyle. Once the crisis has passed, the work of building on those lessons will start. Afterwards, we will start shaping a more sustainable future, to make sure no drama will ever again claim so many victims.

What does this mean for our network?

Because of the current situation, we will be unable to meet each other face-to-face in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, that means our external activities in April, May and June cannot be organised the same way for the moment. But there are excellent alternatives and we are more than happy to make use of those: we are eager to keep challenging and inspiring you through webinars and interactive digital workshops. To offer a programme that is as complete and interesting as possible, we need you! Do you have any suggestions? Does your organisation have an inspiring story to tell? What are your needs, and how can we help you with those? Let us know!

One more thing: take good care of yourself and your loved ones and we hope to see you soon!

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