How can we shape the economy of the future together?

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 9. Innovation and infrastructure11. Sustainable cities and communities12. Responsible consumption and production

Priorities for change:
How can we shape the economy of the future together?

The new economy offers many opportunities for a different sort of entrepreneurship. During an inspiration event on 25 October we mapped out the existing obstacles and future trends. Our members and partners were able to discover some interesting cases and explore partnership opportunities in a number of specific areas.

The Transitiefestival took place in Flanders and Brussels from 22 to 30 October. Every year this festival allows people and organisations to discover numerous approaches and initiatives that contribute to the shift towards a social and ecological economy.

As part of the festival, The Shift organised an event on 25 October to map out the economic opportunities offered by this sort of initiatives. After all, the switch to new business models in transition thinking is a major priority for a lot of members in our network.

For example, one third of our members have made commitments concerning the following Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 9, Industry, innovation and infrastructure; SDG 11, Sustainable cities and communities; SDG 12, Responsible consumption and production, and SDG 17, Partnerships for achieving goals.

Around one hundred members, partners and students from our network participated in this event, which took place in the headquarters of KBC in Brussels. The programme started with the Dutch entrepreneur Marga Hoek. She presented a number of innovative business models from her book "New Economy Businesses", which won the prize for the Management Book of the Year in 2014. Afterwards, Professor Ann Crabbé from the University of Antwerp expounded on her research into the various obstacles and levers for an accelerated shift to a circular economy.

Then, during a number of thematic workshops, the participants examined the possibilities for collaborating on circular purchasing, shared mobility and spatial management. During the concluding networking reception, participants could discover some start-ups that have already gone down the path towards the economy of the future.

You can download all the presentations via the links below. At the bottom of this page you will also find a number of photos of the event. Would you like to know more about this event or about the opportunities for collaborating on circular purchasing, shared mobility and spatial management? Then please contact us via mail!

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