Members tune violins on vision and strategy The Shift

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change:
Members tune violins on vision and strategy The Shift

On 28 April we organised our first annual General Assembly since the establishment of The Shift. Together with our members, we discussed the mission, vision and strategy of our organisation. We had an original format for this: the Symphonic General Assembly.

The General Assembly draws up the framework of our operations and the annual programme for our members. Since The Shift was established midway through 2015, and the accounting year therefore only finishes at the end of December 2016, no official vote needed to take place on the financial results of our organisation. However, we presented these to our members during this first General Assembly, together with our estimated budget and action plan for 2016. A lively dialogue with our members ensued. In the coming months, we are going to work on their recommendations to further strengthen our internal operations.

A particularly musical experience

After this formal part of the General Assembly, we gave our members a musical treat. About 25 musicians from the Belgian Chamber Orchestra Casco Phil came into the hall and took their seats between our members. They then took everyone through Mozart’s 40th Symphony. A creative way of finetuning the exceptional dynamic within our network. For how do we, as a societal movement, decide where we put the accents and define the tempo at which we want to change things together? When is a solo performance appreciated? And to what extent is it best to finetune new initiatives with other players first? This musical experience perfectly revealed the importance of harmonious interaction between different voices and players.

Since all our member organisations have a single vote at the General Assembly, only one person from each organisation took part in this session. From 5.30 pm a number of their colleagues joined us for a drink and snacks during the networking reception. Below you can find some photos of the event.