The Economy of the Future

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 9. Innovation and infrastructure12. Responsible consumption and production

Priorities for change:
The Economy of the Future

The sustainable economy of the future: what does it look like and how do we achieve it? Professor Ann Crabbé of the University of Antwerp has researched the subject. She was commissioned by The Shift to reveal the various obstacles and levers for an accelerated shift to a circular economy.

Professor Crabbé built further on the visionary work done by the environmental think tank Argus in 2015. She looked for the most innovative projects created in Belgium since then. And she mapped out the various obstacles that entrepreneurs experience in the mainstreaming of circular products and services.

The purpose of this study is twofold: on the one hand contribute to visions of how the transition to a circular economy could look like, and on the other stimulate cooperation between pioneers who want to help shape the economy of the future. 

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