Why Redefining Value?

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Priorities for change: Redefining Value
Why Redefining Value?

Ever more organisations understand the need for our current economic models to evolve. The goal of our ‘Redefining Value’ programme is to inspire you to make this shift: together with our members, we want to make the transition to an economic model and a society that redefines the concept of value creation.

Redefining value – by taking into account one’s impact on the environment, society and governance – has a range of advantages. It allows organisations to analyse and manage risks, gain a competitive advantage and seize new opportunities.

Our current economic system only values capital that it can measure in purely economic or financial terms. But a large proportion of the value that is created or lost can actually be expressed in different terms, including:

  • Human capital, such as the value of inspired, more committed staff members or a lower employee turnover rate
  • Social capital, created by building relationships with different stakeholders, like local communities
  • Natural capital, or the way in which we protect and restore ecosystems – something that adds value over long periods of time

This programme looks into the redefinition of value from different perspectives, including that of risk management (in terms of the environment, society and governance), the measurement of non-financial capital, ‘sustainable finance’ or the development of new business models.

We’ll be organising thematic workshops and panel debates, during which you’ll get to hear more from members who’ve already started working with this topic. As the national point of contact of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and CSR Europe, we’ll also provide a link to international initiatives.

The Redefining Value trajectory allows us to determine the models of the future, together.