Best practice
Target group: Older employees
Initiator(s): AXA, KBC en Proximus

Sustainable Development Goal(s): 8. Decent work and economic growth10. Reduced inequalities17. Partnerships for the goals

Priorities for change: Work & Inclusion


How do you help senior employees stay motivated until the end of their career? Through Experience@Work, companies lend out experienced employees to other organisations looking for specific senior profiles.


  • Help senior employees stay motivated
  • Give employees opportunities for growth even after a certain age
  • Help SMEs & NGOs attract experienced employees


Through Experience@Work, companies lend out their experienced employees to NGOs, SMEs and other organisations having difficulties to attract specific senior profiles.

The employees get to contribute with their skills and experience to challenging projects at their new employer. But they keep the same employment status and contract they had at their original employer. A win for all!

"The safety net is very comprehensive: you keep your whole salary, access to the premises and, if it really doesn’t work, you can always go back." (De Standaard, 2017)

Since its start in 2015, Experience@Work has already led sixty employees to a “new employer.” Coming from for example KBC, Proximus, IBM and Bpost, the employees joined organisations such as 11.11.11. and Light for the World.


In the framework of the SD Worx Chair, AMS analysed the co-sourcing experiences of about twenty employees and organisations. Some key findings:

  • In general, employees appear to have positive experiences of their exchange.
  • They mention feeling that they are doing meaningful work again, in a context that is well-aligned with their own values and norms.
  • They see Experience@Work as a welcome wind of change in their career.
  • They have regained enthusiasm and enjoy going to work.

"These are not benchwarmers who are obliged to leave by their superiors." - Inge Janssens (Coordinator Experience@Work)


Together with SD Worx and VDAB, we facilitate this “Multi-Company Mobility Center,” founded by KBC, Proximus, AXA Belgium and HazelHeartwood. So far, employees have mostly joined the non-profit sector. But SMEs and other organisations too can turn to Experience@Work to attract experienced employees at a reasonable price.