Integrating non-financial value for better decision-making: kick-off session

Assessing natural, social and human value alongside financial value provides more meaningful information to make better decisions. Driving value creation for business, society and the environment requires moving beyond financial value creation only.


The Shift proposes a program of multiple sessions on how to incorporate natural, social & human value in decision-making. From determining your scope to a glimpse of methodologies, we will learn together how to grasp the opportunities.

On September 15th, the  launch session will shed a light on why it is important to incorporate non-financial value in decision-making. Different perspectives – CEO, academic, corporates and consultants – give their point of view on the creation of more value for all.

Pour qui?

All members (big and small organisations).

Pourquoi participer?

More and more stakeholders in society – employees, NGOs, investors, clients, … - screen how sustainable a company is. The pressure is on for sustainable business. Learn more about the growing importance of non-financial value creation.


You can easily connect to the discussion through Zoom. After the presentations in English, we’ll have a brief Q&A session. Send in your questions via the Q&A function during the presentations to put them on the agenda.


  • Introduction
  • Jean-Christophe Tellier, CEO, UCB: ‘Why companies have a role to play in creating societal value?’
  • Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser, Chair in Sustainable Transformation, AMS: ‘The importance of breakthrough to Integrated Value’
  • Alexander Fiedler, Sustainable Finance, BASF: ‘Measuring the value to society: Benefits and Challenges’
  • Antoine Geerinckx, Founder CO2logic : ‘Measuring societal value : Benefits and Challenges for SMEs’
  • Introduction of the following sessions
  • Q&A

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Eglantine Eeckhout

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