Wise Holding, entreprise de conseil en transition Économique. Notre motto : La transition pour tous, avec les pionniers. Pour réussir cette transition: - nous avons un think-tank qui publie sur les enjeux sociétaux ( - Nous avons un incubateur qui forme les entreprises et citoyens à la transition économique (


The Shift aide ses membres à utiliser le cadre international des Objectifs de développement durable de l'ONU pour définir leurs ambitions sociales.

4. Quality education

Though our incubator Extrapreneurs, we make professional training financially accessible. How? B2C Aspect: We train citizen to Economic transition and let them implement the theory directly on live, corportate, projects. Our incubator doesn't only share theory, but personal development is integrated in the program. One doesn't shift while keeping the same mindset. B2B Aspect We offer innovation consultancy to corporate, who get their projects accelerated with a high amount of human ressources for a fix price, which also finance our incubator. Through this pricing, we can make our 4-month training financially accessible to citizen. Cherry on top : they implment the learnings on the corporate projects.

8. Decent work and economic growth

7D-Value : Measure what really matters Our consulting service helps clients to be more conscous about intangible value: the human value. We help our companies to value each of these levels : Common Good - Knowledge - Communication - Emotions - Processes - Material - Environmental We value each level in Euro, like a balance sheet : Active and Passive. This dashboard helps them to understand exactly where they can increase their performance to bind human value and profitability.

9. Innovation and infrastructure

Through our incubator (, we help our clients to innovate. We don't believe Tech will provide all solutions. Therefore, we focus on the Human value. Though our expertise in human value, we help you to innovate on what matters the most : your business model. How to make your products and services shift. How to make your team shift. Our incubator is the place to combine both innovations, the tangible (project) and intangible (mindset) part of it.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Though our incubator (, we have sucessfully worked with several clients to rethink the use of buildings within cities. Trademart building (AG Real Estate), Tour&Taxi (Extensa) are two of the most notorious clients we've had. We worked on multifunctionality in Real Estate to explore : - Best way to make a monofunctional building multifunction (and dealing with the human aspect within the different funcitons) - better integrate it within the local community around the building

17. Partnerships for the goals

Through our think tank ( we cluser stakeholders around societal challenges to build solutions. Those willing to go to the implementation phase, we invite them to join our incubator ( to deliver a solution. 4 months to get to the ideation, prototype or proof of concept.