Guestblog | Crash course: Digital minimal vegan travel

What does it mean to travel in a world where there is exploitation of resources and climate change?

This is a question which came to my mind when I had this opportunity to travel to Philippines, visit Mushroom producers, indigenous people and give trainings to social entrepreneurs. I was like this is going to create a lot of carbon emission and it is really hard to choose a non-polluting way. And thinking abiout it for the last 3 months talking to various different eco-travelers I understood the best way to reduce my footprint is to continue stay in a Plantbased diet, and to travel minimal.

I love travelling to beautiful places and meet new people who I can talk to about plant-based diets

What does it mean to travel minimal?

I usually take a backpack and a daypack of say 70 ltrs and 25ltrs each. So in total 95 ltrs for even 10 days of travel, and this time I will be spending in Asia 60 days and I have decided to take just one third of the luggage. That means 30 ltrs.

What does it mean for the environment?

It means that I will be lighter and more conscious about the things I will take, I will be reusing and washing instead falling into the cycle of consuming and having more. This experience will break my paradigm of comfort, safety and need. Since we do not need so much in life and we always want to have more and more. The question rises do we need more?

So this travel is going to strengthen my belief system about my plant based choice and the economy around it, minimalism which talks about having less to have truly more, and at the same time to travel to see learn and experience consciously. And this whole journey from the day I pack to seeing indigenous people, Mushroom projects, nature, Social entrepreneurs will be documented by Vlogs, short blogs and lots of Instagram pictures (mainly of the food).

And if you read my short story till here I need a small favor, (it is not money) I want you think with me and help me to choose a name and if you know friends who can connect me to people in the Philippines and Indonesia with cool projects. You can email me to, add me on FB, follow me on twitter/Instagram.