Guestblog | Zero Waste: The method to upgrade your living standards while doing your shopping

Europe today lets 25% of the food fly from the shopping cart to the trash. How can we concretely counter this reality? This is the question asked by Yoneko NURTANTIO, a member of the Generation T network. Together with her mother, Marie-Louise BRUYÈRE, she recently published a book called “Zéro gaspi ! La méthode pour jeter moins et vivre mieux” (Larousse éd., 2017).

What is the concept behind the book?

Let’s be pragmatic. If we want to strive for a greener planet, an economic argument can help. And here is the fact: I eat for 6€ a day. As the average French consumer spends 10€ a day for food, I’m saving up to 40% on my food budget. This makes a huge difference. And it’s a strong incentive to keep an eye on food waste at home.

Authors of the book Zero Gaspi

How can I reduce food waste at home – and save a lot of money in the meantime?

Food waste happens at 3 critical moments: Shopping, Storing and Cooking. You avoid waste when you choose products on a smart basis, when you store them in an efficient way and when you use the tricks to cook absolutely everything you’ve bought. These are the 3 steps considered in our book “Zéro gaspi !” 

How should I start?

The hardest thing is to hold on the long term. Exactly like for New Year’s resolutions: you set ambitious aims, you get lost easily and you get discouraged very quickly. In our book, we want to keep it easy. A trick can’t be smart unless it is easy. So, I would advise to start with small steps, and to slightly catch your new habits: “This week, I’m going to…” That’s where it all starts.

Here are a few examples:

For shopping: never go to the supermarket without a shopping list. If you’re in a hurry, take a picture of your fridge. It will help you selecting the products you really need.

Use a shoppinglist when you go shopping!

For storing: you can bring lots of food from home, instead of buying them near the office: a big size pack is much cheaper than the same product sold by the piece. You can easily keep the product tasty by using a clothespin as sealer. And, in the meantime, you avoid individual packaging.

Use a clothespin to close big packets of food once they are open

For cooking:use the food leftovers. You can mix them in a soup, a quiche or a wok. Or just bring them in your lunchbox. Be creative!

Use a lunchbox to store left-overs

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Book reference: Yoneko NURTANTIO & Marie-Louise BRUYÈRE, Zéro gaspi ! La méthode pour jeter moins et vivre mieux,  éd. Larousse  Poche, 2017.

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