Kick Off 2017

On Octobre 26 we have welcomed new members into Generation T. Since 2015 Generation T has grown to 300 members of different backgrounds and different occupations who all share their efforts and leadership on sustainability. Do you want to get a taste of what it was like at the kick off? 

It was an evening in which we wanted to make Generation T'ers aware of the importance of their commitment of what they do to make our society more sustainable. That is why we invited writer, philosopher and youth worker in Brussels, Bleri Lleshi to talk about his engagement, where it comes from and how it is rooted in his love for the city he calls home now. He invited us all to show our love for this world through our commitments, through our engagement in activities that make this world a better, more sustainable place for everyone.

As the evening progressed the focus of the activities was more on connecting people and creating a good atmosphere. The social choreography closed the official programme with hugs, dancemoves and fingerpointing. A lot of fun indeed!

Enjoy the pictures!