Proximus is the leading national provider of telephony, internet, television and network-based ICT services.


The Shift helpt leden gebruik maken van het globaal kader van de UN Sustainable Development Goals om hun maatschappelijke ambities in kaart te brengen.

13. Climate action

By signing the COP21 engagement letter, we commit to take voluntary action to reduce environmental and carbon footprints. We implement this by setting targets to reduce our current own GHG emissions and/or energy consumption, while also collaborating in supply chains and at sectorial levels. We agree on the need for inspirational and meaningful global action and aligned messaging. We will act as ambassadors for climate action, focusing on solutions and economic opportunities. We will help raise public awareness. We will actively manage climate risks and incorporate them in decision making — not least to realize growth opportunities. We will take steps to implement effective strategies to strengthen not only our companies’ but also societal resilience.

4. Quality education

Proximus organises, supports and promotes education related to technologies or with the support of technologies: 1. At school: - Safer Internet: lessons on responsible internet use by children (10-12y) - Bednet/Take Off: connecting long-term sick children with school - Close the Gap: provide recycled ICT material 2. For job seekers: - Digitalent: workshops on 3D printing, electronics and coding - Technobel: ICT competence center 3. For everyone: Smart Café, ICT workshops in our retail shops 4. For our employees: Proximus Corporate University

5. Gender equality

At Proximus, we have: - No discrimination on salaries and hirings - Women in ExCo, Board of Directors and in management functions In our Digitalent trainings for job seekers: we give access to technology for women.

8. Decent work and economic growth

1. Give a chance to job seekers: - Digitalent: workshops on 3D printing, electronics and coding for job seekers without qualification - Technobel: ICT competence center - Transition internships: 1st work experience for young job seekers through internships - Be.Face / mentoring: support to disadvantaged starters 2. Give a chance to disadvantaged students: mentoring projects 3. Responsible supply chain: - CSR clause in each contract - Proximus is member of the JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation) with 9 other telecom and ICT companies. JAC is performing “on-site” company audits to assess their CSR performance

9. Innovation and infrastructure

1. Deploy fix and mobile networks across Belgium 2. Further develop green solutions: - Green datacenters - Green products & services - Smart mobility - Smart cities

12. Responsible consumption and production

Proximus identifies as a priority to reduce its negative impacts in its supply chain by partnering with suppliers to optimize the use of scarce resources, in its product use by providing relevant information to the end-user for minimizing potential adverse effects of exposure to radiowaves and on the end of life of its products by putting in place performant recycling processes. Proximus also helps its customers reduce their own footprint.

8. Decent work and economic growth

By our commitment to the Charter ‘Decent Work for All, we recognize the unique skills and talent every person can offer, regardless their gender, age, sexual orientation, cultural or social background, disability, or personal situation. We acknowledge that all actors from different sectors –private, social, public -need to join forces to integrate unemployed people in the labour market and address the obstacles to professional integration. We want to build well-connected ecosystems in which we collaborate to increase social impact. We express our commitment towards Decent work for all, including inclusive recruiting, and we will act in accordance of the charter. This means to us, as an actor of private sector, striving actively to create decent and sustainable jobs in an inclusive work environment, to reflect the diversity of our society in the workforce and to embed “Decent work for all” in the company culture. As one with all actors, we will define and communicate a target and action plan for inclusive recruiting to reflect the diversity of society in the workforce. We will leverage the organization’s resources to have an impact on decent work for all (internships, expertise, volunteering, lobbying, funding). We will contact other organizations to create or join the ecosystem to reach the target for inclusive workforce (recruiting and retention). We will share best practices with other organizations to inforce the ecosystem for decent work. We will report on results and lessons learned to decision makers in the companies and our country.

17. Partnerships for the goals

Digitalent is een project van de Proximus Foundation om jongeren via de nieuwste technologieën op de arbeidsmarkt te lanceren. Digitalent stelt deze jongeren gedurende 8 weken een programma met workshops voor. Zo maken ze onder andere kennis met de basistechnieken van 3D-printen, leren ze programmeren en websites maken en ontwikkelen ze hun ondernemingszin (met YouthStart) enz.